Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).If you donít see your question here please submit it to




1.Is the BBC part of the U.S. Government?

No.The Iraq Business Centers Alliance is an independent organization, having applied for registration as an Iraqi NGO.The BBC had its origin under the former CPA, but it is an Iraqi organization.


2. Does the BBC promote American companies in Iraq?

No, the BBCís only goal is to promote Iraqi businesses and the Iraqi economy generally.The BBC does help Iraqi firms find opportunities provided by foreign corporations and governments.It does not promote the interest of certain foreign countries above others. Companies seeking this kind of support should contact the trade section of their embassy.




1.What services does the Iraqi Business Center offer Iraqi companies?

The BBC provides access to tenders from coalition prime contractors and coalition forces, business training in areas such as financial reporting, accounting, business strategy, and starting a business.The BBC also provides Iraqi firms the opportunity to advertise their services to foreign companies and seek foreign partners.


2.What does the Iraqi Business Center provide for foreign companies?

The BBC provides a database of Iraqi companies in dozens of business arenas.The BBC also allows foreign companies to advertise for representatives, partners, and distributors in Iraq, and meet these companies through networking events.Finally the BBC can provide information on whom to contact to do business, what the latest developments are in security and economic intelligence, and due diligence on specific Iraqi firms.


3.We are a foreign company seeking an Iraqi partner, what steps should we take?

Register your company with the BBC.You will then have access to our database of Iraqi companies which will allow you to search dozens of fields.Also you might want to consider placing an ad in the Marketplace section of our website with specific qualifications and descriptions.After an initial selection process the BBC can further help you by providing due diligence on potential partners.


4.How can I advertise my company on the BBC?

There are many options available to you.Please send an e-mail to





1.How can I get an appointment with companies offering tenders?

Contact the company directly via e-mail and seek to arrange an appointment.


2.Canít I just call the company?

Most companies have asked specifically not to give out phone numbers due to the potential number of calls this would invite.



3. I submitted a tender but never heard back from the contractor, why not?

Due to the great number of responses, most companies only contact the bidder who wins the contract and not everyone who submits a bid.


4.I know I submitted the lowest bid but didnít get the contract, isnít this proof of corruption?

No.Companies select the winning bid on many criteria of which price is only one.Companies also consider work history, management experience, and quality of work and make a decision on a combination of these factors.


5.Can I find out the name of the company that won the contract?

No.Contractors are not obligated to give out this information and doing so might endanger companies who are doing business with the coalition.