Due Diligence Services  

For many companies wishing to do business with Iraqi partners, the biggest obstacle is the lack of information about the business landscape in Iraq. Given the security concerns in Iraq, it is often impractical for businesses to send their own people to survey prospective partners. And yet the private sector in Iraq is thriving, with many Iraqi businesses eager to do business with the outside world.

To help shed light on the Baghdad area business environment, the Baghdad Business Center conducts basic due-diligence investigations of our member businesses as a requirement for membership. Our due-diligence staff is made up of qualified engineers and business professionals, with years of experience in local business. They arrive with a letter of introduction from the BBC, requesting the full cooperation of the business. They visit the business, tour the facilities and meet with the management. They examine the production facilities and capabilities of the company, and carefully compare these with the businesses previous performance. Finally, they complete a report for review by the BBC’s Director and Membership Coordinator.

This basic service ensures that our membership consists entirely of legitimate, capable companies, who are eager and able to form mutually beneficial partnerships with businesses around the world.

We will also perform due-diligence services of Baghdad-area businesses on demand for international firms. These more thorough inquiries will be conducted to the specific requirements of the client, and will be as thorough as the client requires.

To request due-diligence services contact the Baghdad Business Center at queries@iraqibusinesscenter.org and provide the specifics of your requirements. We will review your needs and respond with a plan of action and costs.